Sunday, July 8, 2012


Let me set-up this scenario for you! I was out at a Karaoke spot for a birthday gathering.
A guy that I knew from a theater project was there. Out of the blue he asked me a
question that astounded me and I didn't have the answer to it, right away!

He asked why was I so happy? What made me so happy? He told me I seemed like I
was a happy person. So in my mind I was like, what are you talking about? How do you
know I am a happy person, it aint like we know each other! And, why am “I” so happy?

So I asked him, "What do you mean?"

Because that was the most random thing you can ask someone in a Karaoke spot when
all you want to do is grab the mic and not have a care in the world.

He said because of my TWEETS on twitter! I was like Oooooohh! I forgot we
exchanged twitter names…so I did know him, kinda!

I was reminded of a few things.

1. What you put out on social network, is what people judge you by!
2. People are always watching you!
3. Depending on what you put out on these social networks people will look to you for

Jesus in the temple at a Young Age (12) Luke 2: 41-52
Talking about setting an example! This guy I am sure is at the least 10 years older than
me. He said he wasn't happy and he wasn't happy with himself.

I just looked at him at first. Once again in my mind I was like: You never know what
people are feeling or going through, that's why you don't judge! Plus the Bible says
don't! Regarding judging! Matthew 7: 1-5

People will just say, and which is true, "It's the Love of God". But it is also the
realization that it is not about me-it is about God, totally! I told that guy it’s about loving
others, you know, living unselfishly.

Reasons to be HAPPY!
Psalms 37:4
Psalms 68:3
Psalms 128:2
Phillipians 4:4

I shared with him that people are so consumed with themselves that they forget the
people that helped them get to where they are and they forget to say something as
small as a "Thank You"! I told him I am a happy person because doing for others brings me joy.

I even wrote in a doodling drawing game: "It's Not About Me" then took a picture of it.
You know these iPhones can take screen shots. Then I made the picture my
background on my phone. To remind me every day!

But back to the lesson of it all: Be careful with social media, it’s starting to be used to
define the character of a person. If you can allow your light to Shine also known as
allowing people to see the God in you, Please do! God will reward your faithfulness.
Also, continue to set an example for others you never know who is watching you or
keeping up with you to see if you are living up to what you say, or they genuinely want
to learn from you.

I love you always hope this post inspires you like it inspires me. Keep God 1st Always!

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