Tuesday, June 19, 2012


There are consequences for everything you do in life, period. Think about it! Literally,
look back over your years of life and look at the decisions you have made and look at
your current lifestyle. Do you like where you are? Is where you are lining up to where
you want to go? It is okay if where you are makes no sense. Some times in life that
happens when you are following God. But back to consequences!

Peer Pressure: Bible Reading- Matthew 4:1
I attended a skip party at someone’s apartment when I was a senior in high school.
Everyone was talking and laughing and then it began to get quiet and everyone was
glued to the TV. I was wondering what was on TV then I heard someone describing
what was on the television... It was pornography. I told my friends I was ready to go.
Someone was like, "Are you afraid to watch it?" Another person was like, "Are you a kid
or something?" I responded, "I am not into watching stuff like that! And I am ready to
go!" So I waited in the hallway and plans were being made to go to another place until
school was over then we left.

I stood my ground. It’s okay not to want to do what everyone else does even if you are
placed in a situation that is uncomfortable. You have to think for yourself and make your
own decisions it’s all a part of growing up!

Wanting to Experiment: Bible Reading: Proverbs 9:12
Drugs! I am not into. Sure drugs are everywhere now-a-days but that doesn't mean
participate. Say NO! Saying yes to that one time can change your life. Say NO, Every
time! Peer Pressure continues even when you are an adult.

Curiosity: Bible Reading-Genesis 19:26
It’s like a child touching a hot stove. (Curiosity killed the cat!? I don't know the origin or
whose cat was curious, but it sounds like that cat is no longer with us. Lol!) The child
finds out the hard way with a scar left on their hand. Now I know not to touch this red
orange circle. -___-! If someone older than you gives you advice on a situation and told
you what the possible outcome could be, LISTEN! Sure it’s generational to fall into the
same traps as our ancestors but it must stop! How about you being the one to weigh out
the consequences! Be the WISE ONE!

Learning from others: We have lost the commune
(to intimacy, etc.; interchange thoughts or feelings.) from the word communication! Positive
communication in every aspect of our lives is important!

Honor your Mother and Father! (Bible Reading- Ephesians 6:2) Our parent(s) or adult
figures in our lives share their experiences with us so that we don't make the same
mistakes they have made. Really hear what they have to say because a question you
may have can easily be answered by LISTENING and ACTING ON IT!

Maturing, sex, drugs, dating, food, healthy habits, success, or anything else out in this
world-they have been where you are, REMEMBER THAT!

It’s never too late to straighten up and begin to do the right thing! Weigh out what you
have done and what you need to do.

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