What I Heard

These writings are a collection of my notes from Churches all over. You will find similarities but not many. The Bible covers everything :)!
Isaiah 43

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1 Corinthians 4:6 (offering)

It's all about Grace!

Isaiah 43: 13-19

God told Israel don't forget to remember.

God wants you to know He is going to come through for you.

God ran down the list of Miracles for the Israelites.

Do you remember when you were in captivity?

Do you remember when you had no hope?

Do you remember?

Do you remember what I did to your past enemies?

You forgot!

You forgot who you were!

You forgot what God has done for you!

You entered into a stupid phase

You need to never forgot to remember.

God wants you to remember!

God wants you to get out of your stupid phase and remember Him.

The context changed and you couldn't remember who God was.

A new environment.

Stop thinking about the enemy, problems, fear, the past

Remember, remember, remember, then forget!

Use the fuel of the past but don't live in the past.

Put away the former things, do not dwell on the past, God is doing a new thing! 

God has a miracle for you!

God wants you to chose

Remember who He is in the relation to who you are!

Remember the stupid faith! 

Remember who God wants to be for us!

Forget everything we have lost, so we can prepare for what He wants to Usher in our lives.

God is not waiting... We are living in the midst of chaos and beauty! 

God is birthing the future in our souls!
Through the pain and agony of it's birth!

I forgot! I never want to forget again! Except to remember to forget!

God let your life slip away. If your hands are on the past you cannot hold on to the future.

God is always materializing the invisible!

Make your way through the dessert!

The owls and the jackals will get it will you?

Nature understands, do you?

Isaiah 43
God says fear not, I have redeemed you... 


God creates a future through a people who will trade fear and doubt with faith and trust!
September 12, 2012


Ephesians 3:20
God is able

Have you been in a situation that you cannot do anything about the situation.

Somethings in life you cannot not change.

If you know God, God is Able!

He is able to heal, change things that have no business being changed.

God is able to repair and take you further than you ever know.

God is able.

Ephesians 3:20
Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we can ask or think according to the power at work with in us.

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, (Ephesians 3:20 KJV)

Work like it is up to me but believe like it is up to God.

3 things because God is able:
Do you believe He is able?
1. You are able to dream bigger
When you share your dream and If people laugh at you, say thank you for validating my dream!

Do the impossible!

God is able so dream like it!

Go dream something you cannot do on your own! Dream Bigger!!!

Start living! God is going to breath on what you put in front of him.

2. You get to live with PASSION.

How can you follow Jesus without passion.
It's like having a million dollars in your account and keep forgetting the password.

Get passionate about the things of God and it will change everything!

Passion keeps you seeing opportunities that others missed.

Let this season be where you live with passion.

3. You get to live with urgency!

Changes the games for everyone. 

You can do great things now!

Passion and urgency is not about you!

God is able!!!

Life is but a mere vapor! 

God is either completely able or not able at all! 

Nothing can be against you! 
September 10, 2012

Changing Change: Luke 24:36
Follow Jesus...
Christianity is all about Jesus and Jesus is all about Change.

Jesus change not!

Jesus does not need to change so he can spend his time changing you!

Jesus is the greatest agent of change in the earth.


Marriage only works and evolve if you change!
What if we change the way we go about the way of change!

Luke 24:36-53

In eternity in our glorified bodies there will be food.

"Holy spirit must opening your understanding so that you can understand the Bible
Luke 24:45"

Two Biblical words: Belongs to the church: Repentance & Remission 

Repentance -look again 
1. Realization =is a gift! You have a savior and his name is Jesus. The Holy spirit of God shares.
2. Returning= re gives you power to turn. There is no power in just turn. 

Jesus change people.

Remission =forgiveness
Not remorse and resolution and not relief and regrouping.

The more you obsess over change the less you change.
The more you want to change you don't.
You don't have the power for true transformation.

How does repentance works?

Jesus said Repent = look again = realization.

People think that repentance is remorse. When you don't change or you don't understand you feel bad. "wrong"

Romans 2
Do you not know it is the goodness of God that leads people to repentance.

You will only change when you realize that there is a God who is obsessed with you, who loves you, and who is calling you.

Luke 24 is the mission/door on hinges of preachers and bible scholars.

When you preach, 

Psalm 22 As far as the east is from the west. God removed your sins. Jesus died years ago. Jesus died for your sins that you commit next year. 

No one is changing! It's because of fear and misunderstanding! God is for you.

Quit living like you are in close proximity to your sins

You can't re-punish for something that's already been punished.

In Government it's Double Jeopardy!

He (God) crushed his son on a cross for you. Jesus died as you on that cross.

Colossians 3:10 when God sees you he sees his son. He loves you! 

Falling 7 times, Get up again and keep doing what God has called you to do. 

Hebrews 3 you are who you are by the grace of God! 

You are free now, Live like it!
September 6, 2012

Hope: When God says But!

If your soul prosper everything else prospers? (where)

Taught on soul! Emotions, Sense of Identity, etc

Good thing to make sure the soul is healthy

The unseen is more real than the seen!

John 10:10
Enemy comes to kill steal and destroy!

Hope gets you through!
When there is hope there is joy!

Exodus 15:9
The enemy boast!

Exodus 15:10
When God says But! It's going to speak hope into your situation.

A miracle on the way!

Age 12 we ask ourselves sub-conscience: 
Am I accepted? Yes or no
Am I good enough or pretty enough? Yes or no
Am I loved? Yes or no if no then,
Am I loveable? 

But God:
Psalms 73
Acts 2 

Old testament a shadow image of the new testament.

Sometimes the scariest place to be is in the middle of your miracle. 

Your identity is in Christ

Numbers 33:5-50 traveling in the wilderness.

Numbers 33:53 Take Possession of the Land!

Ephesians 2:1-7 This world and the next! 

God is an eternal God!
August 27, 2012


Matthew 5:1

The higher that we climb the more refreshing.

We don't deserve, learn to enjoy the climb. We will have an ease that no one else will have.

1. Surrender your plans
-Trust the Heart of God 
2. Surrender your Baggage 
-a trade off it's so much better 
-In order to climb you née your hands free.

-Worrying is a Sin! 
-My job is to be free so I can help everyone else be free.

Rejection is Gods protection!

August 21, 2012

Be wise the rest of your life

Proverbs 19:20
Hear council and receive instruction that you may be wise the rest of your life.

Be in a place that you can be taught.

Some people the "know it alls" talk a Lot & know everything about nothing... 

And then they are not open to council and instruction.

We all have blind spots. Others can see what you can't.

God is Protection. When we stay close to God he protect us.

Romans 13:1-2 all authorities come from God.

The moment we leave Gods protection we are fair gain for the Devil.

Rebellion means...

-Is: the principal and natural tendency of Satan.
-1 out of 3 angels the devil convinced to rebel against God.
-Apostasy, insubordination, uprising, 
-The devil has come down with great wrath because his time is short.

But God is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path!

Hebrews 3:6, 10,12
The dangers of being in rebellion...
Hearts become evil and unbelief, and sin/rebel against God.
It makes room for the Devil himself to come in and deceive you.

Numbers 12 Moses leading God's people!
Aaron and Miriam brother and sister of Moses speaks against him. 

Then Miriam breaks out in leprosy.   

God speaks to Moses face to face, and everyone else with dreams and visions.

Moses prayed for her and through prayer and intercession God healed Miriam.

Moses was up against the world.

Rebels have a way of finding each other, gossips finds other gossips.

Bad company corrupts good habits. 

Bitterness spreads and it can poison you.

Know your facts... Stop listening to negative people.

The wages of sin is death.
Warn each other...

We miss Gods provision when we allow distractions.

Be careful!!!

God resist the proud and helps the humble!

True humility is total dependence on God!

When we become under authority things begin to happen.

A gentile believes God. A story within the four Gospels.

When you are under authority 
-it's a faith that produces miracles
-Produce vision
-Support of the Lord, encouragement
-Council, instruction, wisdom

What current Authorities in our lives:
-Gods word above all
--daily God and council
-Parents, Guardians Ephesians 5:6
--obey God rather than man
-Flight Attendant
-Bus Driver
-Ministry Leader

All human leaders have faults and limitations we must pray for them!

1timothy 2:1-4

God and the authority makes the majority!
August 17, 2012

Bringing Back Your First Love:

The idea of doing something you never done before.

Jesus -your first love

Encouraged to find your first love!

The entire church as a whole in Love with Jesus!

Revelations 2:2
I know your deeds, your hard work and perseverance!

Repent and do things you have done at first!

Galatians 1:6 
I'm astonished that you so quickly deserting the one called you to live in the grace...

2 things to be weary of:
1. Easily distracted
2. Easily offended

First starting a relationship...nothing goes wrong.

You missing the point...easily offended or distracted

2 things to put on
1. Glasses of Gratitude
      Be Thankful!!!!
It probably wasn't God but maybe you should thank God for everything!

Imagine we were a people that can appreciate God at all times.

To have an attitude of gratitude is so much Better!

2. Glasses of Grace
 It probably hurts but Love anyway!

Jesus looks at you and He loves you, even when you sin.

Bad things happen, But see life through the eyes of Love!

You have to believe God's eyes of love and gratitude are upon me. 

He looks at you through it all, and Loves you through it all. The ups and downs.

Come back to your first Love! Jesus loved you enough to die for you! Get to know Him!

The only one that can feel that void is JESUS! 
August 15, 2012


Using your gift to make room for you!

What's going to be meaningful in my life? 
Rejection happens.
How it all interface with money, markets and businesses as a whole.

Some integration... A life style where money is of little issue.

Education of millionaires: entrepreneurs
Intergrating with Passion and living confortably.

20% This is the Great depression for college graduates  under 25. 

Leadership. Communicate pursuassively
Nuts and bolts of leadership! Reading books 
80% of leadership comes from being a leader.
August 13, 2012

Let's thunder for each other.

The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy! That is his purpose.

Tell that mountain to move, get away!

Fully surrender your life to God! Let go of fear and intrepidation

Sometimes we let our friends hold us back.
Sometimes we take that a little too far.
We allow the friendship to get in the way with our friendship with our heavenly father.
If you cherish your friend and friendship. Surrender to God and you will be the friend they need.
We can come boldly to God. Knowing that we belong there!

The gates of hell are open...
But the gates of hell will not prevail!

Make a declaration! 

The Devil, Satan, only "purpose"! Everyone has a "purpose"! He wants to kill you spiritually but in doing that he will kill you physically.

God has a plan for good for you with an expectant end!

You need the plans of God for your life!
August 11, 2012

Luke 5:1-2
Story of Simon:

Jesus was being pressed to the scene near the waters edge of the sea of Galilee.

Jesus saw Simon

This one man needs did not escape Gods eye. You have not gotten lost
God has not forgotten you!

I'm His favorite! You are His favorite! If no one else sees you, we serve a God who  sees you!

Isaiah 59:2

He cares about every detail of your life. 

God has a lot of Kids and you are like the first one! Extra special! Extra and above taken care of!

Simon got out of the Boat!

Luke 5:3
Simon was fishing all night and he was done for the evening.

Simon washed his net meaning he had every intention of using it again.

Wash your net, that's what's church is about! Dirty business of getting on you knees and fully prepared to deal with our issues and get back to work to what God is going to do.

Jesus Got into the boat!
The very thing Simon got out of, Jesus got into!

Everything that has happened in your life God allowed.

God will have you push out a bit in shallow water and it will be just you and Jesus.

God sees you and the season you want to skip over God will use it to get the Glory!

God sovereign! Stood before time and saw all the way to the end. 

Psalm 46:10
Be still and Know that I am God

God allowed an emptiness so he can fill that void!

God margins!

God calls us to things that are impossible! Our own talents and abilities are not enough.

Luke 5:5-7 they had more than enough!

The shallow was for everyone else! The deep water is for you! Feeling like you are in over your head. Go!

You will see what it looks like to see a miracle!
August 7, 2012


Epistemology - a branch of philosophy that investigates the origin, nature, methods, and limits of human knowledge.
-it's not what you know, but how you know what you know!?

Aug 8, 2012
Under Siege 3 #ShutYourMouth

Part 1 Daniel 1:1-8
Chose Character over Compromise!

Refuse to isolate ourselves get in the word and around the people.
Part 2 Daniel

Challenges often repeat themselves! 

***Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall. (1 Corinthians 10:12 KJV)

When you think you are strong be careful you don't fall...

Part 3 #ShutYourMouth Daniel 6:3-10

A habit: an acquired practice

Some good, some bad!

Daniel had a habit of praying and seeking God!

2 habits we need to have like Daniel:
1. We need A habit of seeking God First.
2. Serve God no matter what!

Matthew 6:6
Pray in secret...
But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. (Matthew 6:6 KJV)

Allow conviction to shape the response in life!

I want to worship in Secret! I want to Praise in Secret! 

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. (Psalm 46:10 KJV)

Be still and know that I am God!
The power of Getting away and seeking God!

What ever we magnify in our life gets bigger! When we magnify Jesus the more He gives us perspective! 

Dont allow circumstances to shape my convictions

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33 KJV)

Be a God Seeker not an attention Seeker!

People who Seek God first are:
Unafraid, worship more than worry, conquer the very thing that tries to conquer them... Etc...

Seek the one that sought after you! 

What's your first response? 

Where do you go who do you turn to?

***Your first response locates your heart!***

Daniel was a God seeker even when he doesn't understand.

Daniel 6:13-16

Seeking God and serving God goes hand in hand! 

Colossians 3:23 whatever you do, do with all your heart, working for the Lord not human masters!

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ. (Colossians 3:23, 24 KJV)

Daniel 3:17-23
Angels shut the mouth of lions,
David trusted God and was found innocent and no wound was found! 

Shut your mouth: insecurity, fear, depression, negativity, loneliness, anxiety, worry... Shut your mouth!

Isaiah 54:17 
No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord. (Isaiah 54:17 KJV)

August 2, 2012

Daniel 1: 1-8

Message Title: Under Siege

8V. But the Hebrew Boys, Daniel asked for veggies and fruit... The kings offered them that was given to idols

Christianity is not a crutch for weak people, not some problem free philosophy...

Christianity is problem Full! But this journey of faith moving forward with our creator God we don't have to face problems alone

It's more than a religion

John 4:6
No one comes through the father but by me <- Jesus!

Under siege - felt the need to talk different, blend in, pressured to do as society does...

***When you find your self under siege in life never lose sight of your creator... When you lose sight of your creator you lose sight of who you're created to be.

Daniel was taken from his home at a young age and forced to learn a new language, a new way of life.

So often we find ourselves under siege: society says: why you believe in God so much, its okay not to read your bible, its ok to believe in other Gods, it's okay to drink a lot, it's ok to skip church, you go to church twice a week, why? 

The idea is to isolate you, capture you, make you feel pressured to give in and get you conformed!

Don't conform to the world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

The Bible is the best way to renew your mind!!!! <-Hands Down!

John 15:5 
Jesus is the vine...we are the branches

We must stay connected!

The longer you walk with God the more you realize that you are nothing without him. 

Those who conform wake up lost and unsatisfied!

New season: We MuST chose Character over Compromise!

Daniel was more concerned about his character than his reputation!

Character is keeping promises even when it inconveniences you! Doing the right thing when no one is watching, is giving without collateral, is spending time with the sick, the homeless, uplifting children!

***Character is a daily choice- Shaped by how we respond to the victories and valleys we face in life, and revealed through conflict and confrontations that arise.

Cultivate Character:
Learn the unforced rhythm of saying NO!
Daniel exercised his right to say no!
Knowing it's okay to say no and stop trying to please everybody.
NO- is not a weak word. 

Collossians - 
if I pleased everybody I wouldn't be a servant of Jesus!

There is a freedom...there is nothing wrong with not having all the answers.
No I won't put my job before my family.
If you aim to please people you will drift from Jesus.

Continue to invite Jesus into every aspect of life and every challenge you face.

Proverbs 3:6
In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path.

You don't need to pray about if you need to be a good friend or not. SMH!

Pray about Lord I know you have me at this job, but can you help me with seeing what my purpose is? Ask your father he will come to your rescue!

Daniel chose character over compromising! 

Daniel was 10 times better than the other men. And when ever the king needed guidance on something he asked for Daniel.

God will equip you!

Matthew 11:22
So often we run as if God don't know what we Are up to, still he is for us

God says don't run, he will give us rest!

God is For Us!!!!
July 11, 2012

A Problem called Praise
A weapon in your worship that can change your circumstance. 

Your praise is a problem for your problem!

Message for reading the bible: always read different translations at home.

Act 16:25-40
Paul & Silas along about midnight in jail they were singing a praise.

An Earthquake happened. 

Don't just pray for you, pray for your whole house.

Someone else's praise can release the people near you!

The person that put them in jail wanted to be saved.

If the devil can't steal your praise he can't steal your future!!!

Your praise is a problem for a Godless culture!

Your praise has to precede (must be more important than) your preference!

Your Preference may to - be promiscuous, be not forgiving, steal, lie...

Psalms 34:1-22 
Praise the Lord at all times and Thanksgiving will always be on my lips!

The rocks will cry out! You must Praise!

Raising your hands? You do it at a Concert in excitement. What about excitement for God? 
Psalms 143:6-10, 88:9-15
Hands held high
Lamentations 3:41-45
Hands held high

God doesn't need our praise. He has angels, other living things..., BUT
Reminding our spirit and soul of who God is! That's why we worship with everything we do! 

Praise God because he is going to do more than you think He is going to do! 

Gods the same today, yesterday and forevermore. FAITHFUL!!!

People stop praising God because they get upset.

***You are doing a lot better than you think you are.
The enemy wants you to focus on the struggle and not focus on all God has done.

You must give thanks to God! A problem called praise! Gods going to do a lot more for you than you can ever think of!

Bring your ordinary sinner self to the alter and God uses his supernatural power to change you. Using just who you are!

He's going to do more with your calling and anointing over your life, more in your city, more in your life, just give it all to him! 


Your praise is a Problem! 

Ephesians 3:20 exceedingly and abundantly above.

Unleash this problem where ever you go! God is going to MOVE! 

Matthew 6:13

There where your treasure is, that is where your heart is!
July 8, 2012
Mark 3:13

Jesus went up on a mountain!

One life fully engaged can change a nation. (Leader)

God is going to change entire cities!

Whether you feel like it or not you are a leader!

We have a Mandate to disciple nations! When we got saved!

Jesus calls people to himself, he was calling leaders!
Calling believers to change the mentality of the leaders!

You are the Head not the tail. You are a leader not a follower!
Wake up every morning and say I am called to lead!

"I am not along for the ride in society, I am the one to set the directions!"

That's why we need believers in news, as teachers, in politics etc...! As a child of God I have a say in what happens.

He stuck you in that field of study because you are in to set the course. We have abandoned and fled politics because we don't believe we are to set the course.

Everyone is called!

Everyone has a calling, the issue is whether or not you respond. 

Matthew 22
Many are called, few are chosen!

You follow a God called the all consuming fire!

God don't want only 10% he wants it all! He will take it all if he wants it. 
***When you say yes to God, it takes everything you have!

You have to count the cost to follow Jesus!
Luke 14: 25-33
Whoever of you who do not forsake all he has, cannot be my disciple.

The father sent me so I sent you!

You must be willing to forsake everything! If your Christianity cost you something it's worth something! 

For joy! 

When you understand what you get in return, you will have joy!

You must be engaged and embrace the call to lead! If you are working on saving a nation!

God does not Barter!

It's so important that everything is surrendered to him because that's when he takes your life and multiply everything in it!

Wake up every morning
"I am called to lead!" 

It requires everything you have!

God fed 5,000 with 5 loaves of Bread and 2 pieces of fish. God could have taken one fish and one of the five loaves of bread. But he took all of it. God wants all of you, not part of you!

Those who are chosen told God: "Yes"! 
July 2, 2012

Matthew 9:9-13
Food in Our Culture

Food is designed to bring us together.

17% of families eat together

Roman Culture - week long feast

The bible is full of food. 

Genesis- Fruit
Isaiah 25, 55
Luke 22
Matthew 22
Luke 14

***8 great debates rabbis question Jesus! ***Controversies

How the pharisees used Food - bringing death and oppression. The Pharisees used food as a a way to exclude 

 Tax collectors - Romans because of their generational sins had to end up paying taxes in their promised land. Jewish people collecting taxes for a foreign king.

Sinners- The Roman empire disregarded the levitical law - (the holiest of holy people. ) they invented a new law called  "temple of holiness" and everyone had to abide by it. Poor people could not match up also known as the "sinners" in the scripture.

The sinners were reminded 3X a day that they are not important while they ate and that God hated them because the poor could not live up to the change law or new law "the levitical law" that had nothing to do with God.

That's why jesus came. To change the guidelines people "The Roman Empire" created and to reestablish his fathers laws and kingdom.

Jesus Dangerous use of meals!

"Mercy, Justice and Faithfulness" the most important! - in scripture. 

If you are reading the bible and not getting hungry something is wrong.

The book of Luke Jesus eats! 
Story of the Gospels is a story of meals.

Jesus sought and served sinners by eating and drinking.

***Fasting gives way to Feast!

Acts 10 
Peter gets a vision of God. God lays down food. God expands the menu. He expands the kingdom. Cultural impact when Peter went to the Gentiles to offer the gift of eternal life.

Meals of a feast of Grace!

The love of the people!!! Captivating!!!

Food is God's great welcome to sinners! 

Matthew 8:10-11

Isaiah 55: 1-2 
Come you who are thirsty... You without money. You will find delight. 

God wants to save you the heartache, laboring for food that won't last. 
Day in and day out working on Jobs w/o God. 9-5 

The prodigal son when he returned a feast was prepared. In his honor because he returned home. When we return to God that's what he does for us. 

Meals are invitation to relationship 

Revelations 19:9

Church notes:
1. Hillsongnyc can Shake this city by who you chose to eat with.

Homes need to be hospitals
Dinner table needs to be the operating table. 

Newyork is a lonely place (invest and invite) coffee, lunch etc...

Share the Gospel people eat 3X a day! :)
There is a difference 

Be kind to the person who hates you take them out let them talk you to death.

Reclaiming a holy indulgence- the church should be the best party!

Isaiah 25: 6-9

Relearn the art of eating and drinking for the Glory of God.

Jesus: the bread of Life.

If you feel like a failure or who ever you are you can be messy, you don't have to pay the bill.

God wants to have dinner with you.

God says come feast on my grace.
June 14, 2012

Matthew 7:24-29
Let the Rain Fall

Jesus need to be your everything. 

Your life needs to be built on Jesus! 

There is going to be storms. But with God you don't look at the future in fear. 

Find shelter in the storm
All things can change, but your dependence on Jesus! The rock!

Let peace be your profile! Not panic.

What if people knew you by your peace? 

The reality for you! Everyone around you worried but you are at peace.

My attachment is to Jesus!

You can take my stuff I have peace.
You can give me stuff I have peace.

1. The rain reveals your level of revelation: storms expose the foundation underneath the surface.

***You can fake a good building. You can not fake a good foundation.***

You need a vibrant revelation of who Jesus is!

People that have a revelation of Jesus, stop running from the storms.

God has built me to survive the storm!

You stop living in fear when you realize God is the foundation.

Storms shouldn't move you only God will!

Its a storm of loneliness because you are doing it right.

Psalms 112:7
Having no fear of bad news!

If you are a storm survivor you have to reconfigure yourself and realize God is in control.

There is no bad news! If I was suppose to have it, I'll have it! It's all a WIN WIN situation! :)

You always end up back to Jesus the center of the storm. At peace!

Give more attention/credit to the answer not the problem.

***Don't let words that doesn't build life or hope from coming out of your mouth!*** try it this week and from now on!

As for me and my house we are going to trust God!

Stand through the storm.

2. The rain reveals the level of the relationships: if it is not real it's going to break at a very difficult time.

(Ex: twitter) you can't press a button to unfollow God when you don't like the storm. He must be your everything at all times.

Check the roots of your friendships: if the people around you allow you to settle, exchange them for people who force you to get better.

3. The rain reveals the level of your responsibility.

If there are no clouds you are probably not taking new grounds. Being stagnant.

 We will fight until Jesus came back.

You chose to pick up the cross! When you find yourself in a perfect storm remember you have a perfect savior.

The best things come out of a storm.
Out of those storms come LIFE!



June 11, 2012


Philippians 4:13

The moment you begin to believe is the moment you become great! 

Don't allow your surroundings to defeat you.

Look inside of you. "Greater is he that is within"

Greatness I not about destination.

Who you are does not limit who you will become.

The greatest part of your greatness is you will not know how great you can be.

If we had the ability to know, we would develop a plan. But we don't!

When you tap into God he can show you how great you can and will be if you trust him! 

If you knew the potential of your greatness you would stop right now.

Your greatest greatness is still out there.

We ask what does it look like? Me with all my baggage and negative experience, me who have given up on God.

"Greater things you shall do if you believe in me."

Read the Book of St. John!

Your connection should be so tight that when people see you they should see the Father (God). 

Jesus the Carpenter from humble beginnings. His start to finish!

You must believe!

The moment he believed is the moment he became great!

You want to be great stop waiting on destinations.

Your greatness depends solely on who you are and whose you are.

You are great in moments of failure
You are great because you believe in you identity (a child of God) there is nothing your father will withhold from you.

Even then greater things are available because God is in control!

Jesus transformed people lives just about hearing his teaching.

The carpenter said greater things that you shall do. Go raises the bar then challenges us. He was leaving the earth and someone needs to pick up where he left off. 

If you seen what can be done then stop being defeated by saying what can't be done.

So the extent of your greatness is leaning on someone else's greatness. If you already know someone has been resurrected from the grave why are you waiting around?

Greatness stems from who you are!

Transforming lives! In spite of it all you are smiling and still doing what you need to do and still making it through life's journey. 

Understand what it means to be a visionary.

Release boundaries.

What do we do now?

Stop waiting!!!


Take a step an trust God is still with you. Even if it's wrong God is going to make it work for your good!

Stop being stagnant!

Once you embrace where you are how will you challenge yourself?

Abolish the word impossible!

Pursue the things you didn't think you can accomplish. The time is now!

The secret to being a true visionary is "NOT" KNOWING!

I see it I can't shake it and but because I see it and I believe in it and I trust God. I can/need to do it!

True visionary don't trust Knowledge they trust sight.

You see but no action: those days are over!

Greatness is not the end result. 

Greatness is the journey! DO SOMETHING towards what you know God has SHOWN you!
June 10, 2012
Colossians 1:16
...Everything got started in him...
Purpose of Life starts and ends with Jesus.

God is bigger than we are.

His thoughts are higher...

The first attack was to destroy Eves confidence.

God is the most winsome of all beings.
His service is unspeakable pleasure.

Paul wrote the book of Philippians. He was encouraging people who were free and he was in prison. Telling them about JOY! 

Know- biblically means- intimate knowledge

The older you get the more you want to know him. 

The greatest love story?! God loves us so much that he sent his only son to buy eternity for us. 

Psalms 34:6 Read***

There is hope for everybody! 

God never ever gives up on us.

Jesus Christ transcends hope! He transcends circumstances.

Serving the devil gives you death.

Only God gives you Life.

You get out of the "a cult" (demonic worship) by CALLing ON THE NAME OF JESUS! 

Colossians 1:20 Read

Revelations 22:17
COME... COME... Drink Freely of the Water of Life.

The good news: it doesn't matter who you are or what you have done or didn't do or who you want to be! God is available to you!!!!! God is saying Come He can change anything.

The deeper you walk with Jesus the easier and the better understanding!
June 6, 2012
Deuteronomy 7:12-14 #NC
North Carolina Service
River of Life Church

Gods desire is that we prosper.
Barren- fruitless, w/o results, make uninterested.

The devil can make us barren by making us unfocused. Then the devil begins to issue his purpose.

Matt 5:45-52

A weed digs through the root system. Weeds make whatever it touches barren. It becomes a strong hold.

When sowing good seed you must stay focused.

Every strong hold comes in a seed form.

Luke 8:10
Keys to unlock life contained in the kingdom
The parable or mystery of the kingdom
Sozo- prosper, wholeness of mind, the seed does it. 

In order to keep people the devil knows that the potential and power of the seed will produce. 

He didn't come to stop Jesus he came to take the seed.
The seed is the word of God. 

It comes from the composer of the seed.

Temptation is direct opposition of the seed.

The seed has life in itself. An orange seed is going to produce an orange.

All the devil wants is your seed. If he gets that he has your joy, family, money, happiness, ext...

The word=seed!

If he gets the seed he gets your maturity and fruitfulness.

It will produce 30 fold, 60 fold, ...

Blue Sunday= Recreation Sunday
Prayer out of school 1960

55 million  children been aborted b/c of Roe vs. Wade

Now a generation that don't believe in God. B/c we have replaced the seed w/ self success.

Everything in this world is constructed for the sole purpose to steal the seed.

The enemy is after everybody. He is after the good an the bad.

We are byproducts of seeds no matter who you are. Everything we are, accomplished etc...

When a seed gets in your life it produces. 

Isaiah 55:8
My ways are not your ways.

God wants us to live in the fullness of redemption. (SOZO)

Genesis 26 Issac
Headed to Egypt, God said stop... 
Issac stayed in the land and sewed a seed.

When cows are over stress and in heat they dry up and quit producing.

What breaks barrenness? The seed! 

Issac by seed changed his season. 

The devil will try to keep up from receiving seed.

Samuel 2nd Chapter
Hannah was barren and prayed. Then Gave the child up and God gave her more children.

Gods WORD is Seed! The Bible!

Seeds produce after their own kind.

All you have to do is put seed in. The seed does not need instruction. 

The seed divinely created by God knows what to do to grow.

The bible is a seed factory. What ever area you are barren in you go to the bible and look up every scripture that you're dealing with. Then sow yourself.

God broke the curse of Life by the seed of David.

Just start putting the seed in and by Gods design it will grow.

That seed will start making you what it is. 

Financial need: look up scriptures for blessing, increase and prosperity!

It has nothing to do with you it has everything to do with the seed.

Depression: Look up scriptures of Joy and Laughter.

Don't listen to the report of the world.

All you have to do is Sow in your self.

I am tall b/c I am a seed of righteousness.
A seed will change your attitude. 

Seed ourself with what God thinks about us, we will begin to walk right...

Let the seed do what it is designed to do.

Let God transform you. Its not about works. 

You break a barren area one time and it will change your life...

Just say and speak the word! Seed yourself. You do your part He will do his part.

Just put it in your life! As you do, you will see God change it!

You want favor with people? Look it up! *Favor* 
June 3, 2012
Acts 9:15&16

As a preacher you are an Instrument and God gives you the message.

Luke 9:22
The son of man must suffer and be rejected...

Luke 17:25
But first he must suffer...

Luke 22:15
Eagerly eat the Passover before I suffer...

It is written Christ will suffer...

Todays Sermon: acts 9:15&16 
Go this man is my chosen instrument...Jesus: I will show him how much he must suffer for my name.

No one wants to suffer

Everyone is seared with scars.. Every great person has scars

You get where you are because you understand the pain.

Jesus said, "I must suffer."

But when Jesus tells us we have to suffer, we have a problem.

Many people want the testimony but not the test.

If you want a testimony I have to take you through the test.

1. We suffer because it's personal.
-God is in charge of the suffering.
Jesus said, ""I" will show him." 

2. Our suffering is purposeful which mean God has an objective! Meaning it's something that has to happen.
The word "must" means it's necessary.
 I am resting in the hands of God. Means God is not going to let nothing happen to me.
"When God brings the pain he brings the gain."

3. Suffering is Perplexing 
We don't know the things we suffer with until we go through. We don't understand

4. Suffering is for God to get the praise! You must give credit to God.
May 27, 2012

Job 38 1-3

The God of Dust and Ashes!

Read the Story of Job! 

Message: For people in this walk with God and you are confused
And you think that your confusion is wrong.

People want relationship with no responsibility.

They just take take take.

False: Being in relationship with God and instantly you are showered with blessings.

Being in relationship with God strangely you find out God is God and you are you.

Because God is so close, you forget!

We love to speak of triumph and not tragedy.

It's insane to think you found a resting place of who God is. 

"my thoughts are not your thoughts, my ways are not your ways"

There are things that turn you off from God. Times in your life it seems like God has not moved your situation.

Time weakens Faith

...rename things because God recreates the things around you...

God is right there in your situation!
May 6, 2012
Luke 17:11-19

The Anatomy of Ungratefulness!

-The assumption you got where you are by yourself.
Did you even thank yourself if you supposedly got to where you are by yourself.
-Then you think you are entitled. Then you live life as if things are entitled to you.
It brings about a spirit of arrogance. Then people think it's a gift that they got up.
-Fearful- ungrateful people are contagious.
-In moments I was lost in myself God did not lose me!

God does things anyway!

Be grateful!
-for who God is
-I am where I am and where God placed me.

If u feel like you are out of position, its ok because you are not out of his presence.

Our position does not matter, Gods presence fixes our situations!

God shift you until you are Grateful! To show you that where you are you did not get there by yourself!

He will keep shifting you until you get it!

Some people are grateful because they have no where else to go!

Some people are grateful because they don't have options.

...Ungrateful people has options so they think...

You think your proximity with your enemy hinders your encounter with God!

"God deals with Home and Hell."

Sinners keep their distance but God does not keep His distance from them.

Distancing yourself from people with issues... 

You don't have a right to distance yourself. 

Ex: looking for certain area codes because you don't want to live around certain type of persons.

When God comes closer, you back up!
Because you don't want to be around yourself.

...God is real and when God is involved he stripes you to show you, you to heal and deliver you!...

You don't have to say what you need Mercy for, it's obvious.

Jesus said go show yourself to the priest so he can announce you are clean.

They can't go back to society unless they are free of leprosy.

They were still unclean. What God asked them to do was irrational.

As they were going they were healed! Some don't move until they see!

Can you move even though you don't see it!

Can you walk in it before you see it!

The healing is connected to the journey not the destination.
Some are focused on their destiny not the journey. 
But ONE person turned back to give thanks.
The other 9 were so focused on getting back in to the group or circle that kicked them out.

If you could not stand with me when it was tough, I don't want to be around you now it is easy!

Love you in spite of! Those are the people you need.

Those people who need qualifiers first are the ones to hurt and destroy you.

It does not matter if you don't like me. I know someone who does. If you got to change me to be with me, tough. God made me. 

God don't need everybody to come back and give him praise! My praise is because I went back. I thought about who I was. Had to give God the fullness of my thanksgiving!!! 

The real deal some of us have no choice

The process of acceptance back in the community only applied to the Jews.

The one who came back was a Samaritan! The enemy of the Jews! God has no respect of persons! 

The Samaritan (the enemy) did not mind giving God praise!!! He thought about the goodness of God!

Don't be an ungrateful Spirit!
April 29, 2012

1 Corinthians 15:1-10
Easter Sunday
Paul wrote!
Jesus death put us back at one with God.

Keep your faith!

The lateness of my encounter does not effect the QUALITY of my encounter. 

I got just as much of it as you did.

The church is a hospital! You just as sick as I am! 

The same holy ghost that dwells in you dwells in me. The difference is the gifts. 

He appeared to me also!

V9. I am the least of the apostles, I shouldn't be an apostle...because he persecuted the church. (Paul)

The power of what he became was the result of what he went through.
Because he got it late, it gave him a testimony for his ministry!

With everything I've done I got to serve him.

If you knew the things I've done and the places I used to go, God kept me while I was out there doing my mess! 

It was nothing but the grace of God has given him the privilege.

That's why it must be AMAZING GRACE.

Because when I look back over my life...

It's amazing that I'm better than I used to be, I'm still alive... 

Paul teaches me when I know I'm living by Grace I don't have to hide my mistakes.

You began to share with people, because you are unashamed. As bad as it was It can't compare to what I am now! 

I used to...._________,__________....



Better Late than never

Late Gone Give You A testimony.

Don't walk around with Jesus name acting like he ain't train you.

"Because by the grace of God I am what I am" <- misused phrase!

Church people are good at victimizing our own sin.

Paul was not playing a victim he was playing a victim saying: 
 I am who I am because the grace of God! 
Meaning I don't have to justify anything to you! I can't even explain it myself.

Quit trying to justify what you can't explain!

You can't disqualify me. Grace gave it to me. Your insecurity can't take it from me. 

You survived you need to spend time thanking God and not on others and what they have.

They got it by privilege, I worked hard for it.

Folk who feel privilege, they act like you suppose to be blessed.

There People just want to serve him because they are grateful.

The intensity of my work, (worship) should be in line with the intensity of my deliverance!

April 18, 2012

Romans 1:18-32
Don't Get Carried Away
YouTube Podcast

The wrath of God is revealed!

The wrath of Abandonment! God giving you your sin, thats horrible!
The worst thing God could do to us is leave us to ourselves!

By their unrighteousness they have suppressed the truth.

They knew the truth.

Claiming to be wise they became fools. 
(Isaiah 44 v.18-20 made idols)

Exchange truth: people don't want to believe right and wrong

March 11, 2012
Isaiah 61:1-3
Living a life of Purpose
Recovering a vision of Our Vocation
Rev. Anthony L. Trufant, Senior Pastor

The church is not a social service agency
We forget who we are and whose we are
The church must define who they are.
Having the faith of a mustard seed can lead to illustrious seasons.

You are created on purpose for a purpose!

Essence precedes existence

We are fearfully and wonderfully made! 

Purpose: love what you got and your gift.
My mind tell my body to do things and it doesn't obey. We think we are the head, but we not.
Consult God!!! Instead of trying to propose our own will! 
We are little Christ!
We have been sent that means there is a sender. 

Church people come to church for self help but God wants us to come for him.

(Seek the Kingdom of God First then you will have you purpose you seek.)

You and I are works In Progress.

Please be patient with me b/c God is not through with me! Yet!

Humility not think too much of myself and dont think too little.

You have been given gifts for the good and growth of the community.

***People suffer from gift giving, don't confuse size with substance.

Occupation-how you make a living.
Vocation-reason why God put you on the planet.

We have more power than we think!

We are called to contribute and make a kingdom contribution.

Somehow we reached a point in this country where it's a si. To be poor.
God provides from the poor and he heals the broken hearted.

Broken hearted:
The only color that counts to them is green.
People treating people like objects Instead of subjects

Do you need release?
When you are always tense you don't take the time to enjoy the things that are around you!
During Isaiah time there was an actual debtors prison. Some people today are In It and don't know it. And they put their kids in It

Somebody has to pay back what was owed!

God sent somebody to pay 4 us!

I am not my past! God told me I am what He says I am.

Remember who you are!

March 4, 2012

Greek language for love:
Agape - Godly Love Jesus died 4 U
Unselfish, ect...
Philios - Brotherly Love 
Eros - erotic, sexual love, weakest, shallow, easily broken, & no depth to it!

Romans 12:1
...Present your body as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, 

Romans 12:2
Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that yea prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God

Romans 12:10
Brotherly love

Genesis 2:21
And the Lord God cause man to fall into a deep sleep

"First operation"

V. 22 
Made woman brought to man

Therefore a man leave his father and mother and cleave, and became
"One Flesh."

2 Samuel 13:
Story of:
Tamar & Amnon

Amnon was love sick for Tamar his brothers sister.

Jonadab - told amnon go pretend to be sick so Tamar could take care of him.

The beginning of the plan worked.

Tamar - said speak to her father before you GET ME. (ask me out or hold me)

Amnon raped Tamar (Eros Love)

Then he hated her right after greater than love.

V. 16
Then he kicked her out and closed the door after.

A marriage is beautiful, but it's hard!
Don't Rush!

Genesis 3:1
Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God has made...

V.2 -4
 The serpent said you can eat it 

When the woman saw that the tree was good for food.
She got more than deceived.
"Suddenly, her eyes opened."

***Before you get tempted you have seen it many times!!!

But one day: "you been here all the time and I haven't seen you?"

Satan has a presentation for us daily!

"Men need to look out for women."

Girls who put so much stock in their appearance are going to be the last one.

James 4:1-2 The Presentation

You want stuff but you have not because you ask not!

Do you marry the persons body alone!?!

***Men watch appearance and how women conduct themselves.

We major in Eros...

Men give love to get sex!
Women give sex to get Love!

***Sex is temporary!  And the women is left trying to give something he dont want!

***Being a man is not having sex, any fool can do that!

***A real man have responsibilities.

***When you open a gift before christmas ain't no point to rewrapping it because you already know what you got!

Leave and Cleave: if the boy wants to be up under his mother, he ain't it!

Only Jesus can Break the attachment after

Divorce in Greek means Ripping (ripping flesh)

Don't go joining yourself now, then want to find someone right 4 you, you are already married/connected to someone else.

A part from pleasure and having fun, sex is meant to join man and woman.

The first gets all the intensity and should be your only person.

(Be careful) Nastiest dude: got the most words (game)

Pieces of you all over the place when you sleep around. Then you answer to "yo shawty"... Get called out your name!

Parents can be blamed to a degree.

Love - nothing to play with. 

February 26, 2012
Genesis 13:1-18
Rev Dr. Oswen Cameron
Lighthouse Ministries International

When you connect with the wrong people you get the wrong results.

When you connect with the right people you get the right results.

You cannot be yolked with a non-believer.

Anniversary reminds us of Gods patience, protection, provision, and power.

***Don't let everyone in your space.
Folk will take stuff but God has a plan to turn it around.

Don't travel with dead stuff in your life, burry it! Leave it!

Don't connect with folks who do not understand Gods purpose. (in your life)
(Be secure in your own skin)

Everything must line up with that purpose, it cannot be taken lightly.

Abraham had to deal with his nephew Lot.

Lot did not shut things down because he had a hand in it.

***The first rebel was kicked out of heaven. You don't negotiate with a rebel you get rid of the rebel. 

Gideon had too many people. People left from thousands to 300. He didn't negotiate, he said if you don't belong here just go. God defeated the medinites.


***Never follow selfish motives and ambitious to dictate your present an future reality.

***What's important is people coming into the Kingdom of God!

Be a person of Integrity and Substance!

God is not going to bother with you... (Bad)

***You can not deal with people that see just a tree, they need to see the whole Forrest.

Understanding the call of God is very critical for the success we desire.

Tell the man Togo on your way.

Romans 16:17-18

4 things that will happen when you connect with people who don't understand Gods word purpose for the ministry:

They will disappoint you
They will betray your trust
They will kill your dreams
They will malign your character (can not celebrate you)

2. Never connect with folk who are not supportive of the vision.
-people who don't understand will create division
-you cannot go to bed with the devil on Saturday then try to rebuke him on Sunday. It will not work.

Nehemiah 2:19&20, 4:6

4 things happen when we have people that don't support the vision
1. When hard times come
2.they won't give themselves
3.they will grumble and find fault
4. not trust worthy or reliable

3. Always be strong to say goodbye
- we struggle to say goodbye to folks
-cannot build meaningful relationships to temporary people.

- if Jesus said goodbye to Judas we can say goodbye to people.
Acts 15:37-39

***When we fail to separate from people who have expired, we have to accept the total package.
1. Their tantrum
2. Their bad attitude
3. Their constant complaining
4. Their disrespect conduct
5. Their negative thoughts

***What are you traveling with that is hindering the flow of Gods spirit. It's necessary to confirm what you heard with the word of God.

***Abraham did not need to travel with lot because he was not called by God to do so.

At the beginning spoke about Joshua 1:9

February 19, 2012
Ephesians 5:22-31why did I get married?
wives submit to ur husbands as to the lord
Husband love ur wives as Christ loved the church
- as u love ur own body.
Marriage is spiritual
It is not natural to get along with the same person the rest of ur life
*Christ has to be the center of ur marriage for it to work
Love has everything to do with it
Falio love of friend
Stargin love of family motherly auntie cousins 
Eros love sexual or central love
Agape love biblical love enduced by the holy spirit
To  love unconditionally is to love u with no strings attached
Manifested on the cross...
Y do u want to be married?
Married couples really don't know y they got married 
A nice wedding and a horrible relationship
Wedding worth more than the marriage
45minutes tops wedding
Lifetime marriage
*No miracle at the alter
If she cussin now, won't cook now, don't care about her appearance now....
A Woman job is to make ur husband feel like a man
Want him to be the man of the house
If he don't feel like the man of the house that's because u not speaking into his life and validating Him...
*Men lay hands on ur own kids
*Jesus said judge the tree by the fruit...
Singles u connected with someone who has leaves but u need to check their fruit...
Prayer life fruit
Dressed leaves
U want someone in church yielded to the holy spirit
U got to do it Gods way 
Wives complain today they feel like their men don't love them. 
Women are made to be loved.
Men are made to be respected.
***Without love from men women react without respect and without respect from women men act without love.
Wives submit!
Husbands love !
Ain't nobody callin u no slave I just want food on the table a clean house and lotion on my kids... Lol
If u disrespect him to him u don't love him
If u don't tell her and show her that u love her...

And u got to love her when she don't cook or what u tell her to do... It's agape love
No relationship is the best we r still growing 
It's alright to submit.
It's alright for him to give u something to do and u do it
Men if u want her to follow u then u have to follow Christ
***It's hard to follow a parked car... Men if u don't follow God, she don't have to follow u...
God gave himself
What she really want is u*** not more clothes or jewelry!
He gave himself!
Clensed her through the word!
Men need to be Savior sanctified And satisfier.
1peter 3 ....women r physically weak... Joint heirs... Get it right so prayers can be answered...
Keep mama and pops them out ur marriage...
Some of ur family members really don't want urs to work. So be careful who u listening to...
Look in the word of God and see what it says!!!
The number one reason for divorce is money...
When u got more money u don't know what to do with it and no purpose u betta be careful..
 If he or she so bad who u r with then they r a reflection of ur open judgement...
So long, playing the blame game... 
The unexamined life is not worth living... 
Maybe I should have spent more time
Women have to create an atmosphere in the house that makes him wan to come home.
The house is the real sanctuary!!! 
When u get home u want to be free u want to rest! 
Go back to the beginning maybe she not respect because she feels no love...
If u single he got something special for u! It's going to take a little longer!

January 14, 2012
Romans 11: 33-36 Apostle Paul Wrote

God Knows What He is Doing
Doctrine and Duty goes together 
Bridge Letter

Times when life does not make sense, when you don't know what God is up to! As you go In to a new year... The leading of providence is a mystery!

God is worthy to be praise because he knows what He is doing even when we don't.

-Celebrate the wonder of Gods Greatness!
"Oh" = sign of a moan and cry of a heart that is enraptured!
-God is deep too deep for you to figure out!

No one is rich! Only God is rich!

Romans 2:4
Romans 9:24
Romans 10:12,13

Knowledge = what you know
Wisdom = what you do with it!

James 1:5
If u lack wisdom, just ask God for it

1 Corinthians 1: 22-25
Jews looking for a sign, Greeks looking for wisdom. We preach God/Jesus

Even when God is being foolish He is still smarter than you are!

What does God know? He is omniscient, EVERYTHING 
When did he know it? God has always known what he already knows!



No reason to be jealous! Their life is a set up! There is no rule for pride!
I'm not impressed w/ u! God did that for you! God taught u what you know! 

Ways= Paths or Roads, his road is unfathomable, unable to track or trace a foot print!

God is real, alive, he always reach his destination!

You can't find his fingerprints when he works! He does not leave DNA

Psalms 103:7
Revealed his ways to Moses! Moses still did not act right!

Even when God explain himself you still can't figure him out!

B/c he works in mysterious ways! 

God is God and we are Not! God does not need your advice! 

No one knows the mind of God , but to read the word is to know God! 

2timothy 3:16 
Know the mind of God


Only stupid talk about what they don't know! (ME) God don't need ur assistance, he dont owe u an explanation! 

God made Everything and he owns everything, so u can't obligate him to do anything! 

1Cronicles 29:14
Whatever you are giving to God,... You are only giving God what HE FIRST GAVE YOU! 

He keeps sustaining you! U can't give God nothing! 

V36 Affirm the spot abound fact IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!

God has control over all things, IT AIN'T ABOUT YOU!!! 

From Him, to Him and through HIM are all things! Explanation for everything!!!!!! 
<== the explanation for your life in one sentence!

To say Glory = is to say! God is God
Exodus 33:18 
Moses asked to show Him his Glory!

If u know 2012 like I know:
How you treat people! Shape how you use your time! Shape 


Given 2 me in Service:
You never know what people are going through, just because they don't look like hurt and pain does not mean they are not.

You are not done with a trial until you acknowledge it and face it! 
That's only half the battle.
There's still some pain that must happen inorder to be thoroughly delivered. 

January 14, 2012


Acts 19:1-20
Walking with the gifts, walking through the text!
Prophetic Stirring!!! 
What God spoke, it shall come to pass!
God is up to something!!!
God is God!!!
Like any investment God wants a high return on investment (ROI) 
We were bought at a price
If God paid such a hefty price... He expect a high ROI
irresponsible on our part... 
Spend much on our part, it would be wise to give and save
We allow any and everyone to run through our house... 
Mixing and matching whoever is willing to make a covenant, irresponsible
Praise and worship...
You can not be Christian on your own terms...
When God for fill his promise how will we handle it or react? 
Will we continue recklessly or will we be regulated. 
Be liberated from carnal thinking.
Holy Ghost comes with power!
Seems to be no power in churches...
Where r the signs, gifts, and power of God?
Glosah la leya? Tongues utterance prompted by God 
Gift u can't translate
Heavenly tongue is saying the perfect will of God.
God is the same yesterday, today and forever more.
God will not show up when he is not wanted or desired.
I need help, walking with the Gifts!
You can choose to stay where u r, desire to be where God is... We must desire God for who he is then the gifts will come!
Once you taste God! It gives you a desire!!!
Where do I go to get in your presence!
All things work together. For the good of those that love him...
If God be for you who can be against you
The lord is my Shepard I shall not want
No weapon formed against me shall prosper
Many are the afflictions of the righteous
I get hungry!!!!
They that wait upon the lord you shall renew your strength
Behold I stand at the door and knock
I was Glad when they said unto me let us go in the house of the lord
I get Hungry!
Fasting and praying Waiting for God
Apostolic church was hungry!
Every action was thought of before it happen!
One word that resounds: HOLINESS 
If I live like I know God!
I know he is gracious to me!
A change that happens!!! 

July 16, 2011
Financially secure!
Deuteronomy 28:1-3, 12-14
Proverbs 22:7
$ you either have it or not!
Buy now pay later... Credit is good if used wisely!
Credit is for large ticket items or to pay items back at the end of the month.
Borrowing Is a game u play sometimes u win sometimes you lose.
Money accessed with plastic is not yours, to be paid off at the end of the month.
Interest add up!!!
James 4:-15 no one knows what tomorrow bring.
Balance of $5,000 "surplus" don't have to pay any fees.
Win the game pay with cash!
Haggai 1:5-10
Live within our means!
Is it need or greed?
Debt -balance is past due!
You owe more than you own...
Your life is worth more than that!
Let no debt remain outstanding 
The only outstanding debt you need to have is the love for one another!
Matter of management!!!
Galatians 5:1
Don't allow yourself to become a slave!
It's about business and profit!
People/Companies do not care about you, financially!
The people of God... Change perspective then lifestyle will change!
I will not be mastered by anything!
Confess debt free living
Mark 11:22
Have faith in God!!!
By Gods Grace I AM FREE!
Walk out of debt. LITERALLY!
BUDGET. Today!
Stop spending more than what you make!
Start with the one that had the highest interest rate!
Bonus: are to be put on a bill! 
Accumulate NO NEW debt!
Use of Plastic! Gift cards only!

May 29, 2011
 Matthew 25:31-40
What have you done for the kingdom lately?
It is more blessed to give than to receive 
Must have a selfish mentality
We look to see how we benefit in other words how will it benefit me.
We came to church by what we can get not what we can give.
Who can I serve?
It's easy to get caught up In our own problems and own self
God saved us to serve somebody else
God has a way of adding
When u put God first everything else will be put together
The reason y'all can't get along is b/c God aint in it
When we don't tithe the window close
If you can trust God win ur soul
Put God first you get your dreams and Goals
This text talks about the separation of sheep and goats by their service.
Don't determine by what we think matter
We think we are saved by certain things
What r u doing who are you serving
You just want somebody to serve you
You just want to shine
If you serve the lord long enough you will shine
V32 all nations will be gathered b4 him and he will separate one from Another... 
A lot of people think we sheep and we are really goats
We say we sheep but we have the attitude of a goat
Goat Check!!!
V34 we got to serve from our HEARTS!!!
I was hungry and you gave me something to eat
What kind of sheep sees someone hungry and don't feed them...
Not only do u see how bad it is but u need help to assist and help!!! 
I gotta help them because tomorrow might be my time!
David said:
Let the words and the dedication of my heart be acceptable...

More outreach!
We got a message but no miracle...
I was a stranger u invited me in.
People meet u on the porch
Invite strangers in your house
Small acts of Kindness.
I needed clothes and you clothe me...
Give away things you want...
Make it a habit to show up in someones life when they struggling.
We get so tied up we can't visit jails... We got to go ahead and go to the prison
We can't pray God send somebody. We gotta go!
Cant get comfortable in th church.
U have something on the inside NO NEED to get scAred.!!!
The real work is no in the sanctuary!!!
Some point we got to go on their land...
You have to serve! Small act of Kindness!

May 2, 2011
Nehemiah 2:1-10
There is Help Wanted #4

We were created exclusively to give glory and bring honor to God our father.
God is worthy to receive power!
You are not a mistake.
No matter who u r, it is because of Devine delegation u r here and on your path.
Nehemiah was the Kings Cup Barrier
Take out the king u find the person over the food and drinks
He was trust worthy!
Important figure!
Judah Gods people.
Nehemiah asked about his people and the land.
He worked up high but never 4got our people who are low.
Struggling people get on ur nerves now, but when u were struggling u spoke to everybody! 
Don't u ever forget, there is somebody who knows ur name...
Nehemiah means the Lord comforts!
Ur work ought to bring comfort to the Lord.
Whatever job u have it's not a job u r on assignment!
U are assigned to those people in that community!
God is using me!
God wants a people that can carry out a task.
Gods plan was to use him on the construction of a wall!
The strength of the walks of ur city is a testament of how the strength was of the people.
Ur defenses are down, ur God must not be great.
The city that's named after ur God is down.
Nehemiah prayed specifically.
The condition of the land is a testament of the Lord!
The condition of our community does not compare to the covenant!
Where ever u go it's your!
Then y is our land so troubled?
Y is there still poverty in the neighborhood with all these churches?
God needs people who will work for a purpose than a paycheck and position!
Wall represents security!
 Not the Halls, The Walls!
The Government always are doing what they have always done!
It ain't over yet!
B4 Government there was God!
***Please do what u said u gone do!!!
as long as the papers have the king seal!!! Jesus!
King gave Nehemiah what he asked for!!!
When u make up ur mind to take care of others first God has a way of giving u everything u need!
Ur latter is greater!
As long as u know who sent u!
Remember where ur help come from!!!

April 3, 2011
Deuteronomy 6:23
Brought in to be brought out!
They heard the word but did not mix it with faith
Jeremiah 29:11 
God already has a plan! I don't need one
God has something better for us!
You can not be at two places at once
We living in the past when God wants us in the future... Wow
Things seen are temporary and things not seen are eternal
He knows the hairs on the head!
Thank God I'm not what I used to be and thank god I'm not yet what I can be
Some people God wants us to turn loose 
Turn somethings loose to hold on to something else.
Some people wrote u off God didnt
This is ur beginning ur circumstance dictate ur beginning
His is the starting place!
Over flow and abundance that can come to ur life
If u not living on the edge there is too much room around you!
U need to be living on the edge
God wants to get u To that place!
Everybody around u r not for u
Some are there to get what they can get!
I brought u out to bring you in!
God has to get us to let go of natural things to take hold of spiritual things.
Guess what we win
We don't give up we persevere!
Never promised it was going to be easy
We have a promise that we overcome!
God has something better!
He is the same God!
We can look back u just can't live back!
Turn the past loose to reach hold of the future
2 Corinthians 4:17
Trouble on every side but not perplexed
For this cause, We faint not! 
Affliction but for a moment. It works for our good.
These hard times are small potatoes compared to the good times.
U have to change in order to move
Change is not change until u change
God will walk u out in the midst of nothing to get U to turn loose
He is not mean he just want u to live by faith!
It ain't over until God says it's over
U keep looking up, keep believing, keep standing
He's got an investment in u!
This is my season!
This is my time!
U can not go back!
Faith comes with movement!

February 20, 2011
Jude 1:16-25
Binding Up The Breech
These are the...
There is none like God!
The Black church under attack
U attacking Gods Word when attack the church
Breech of what God has done
-is much needed today
-enemy cannot catch you off guard
-prevail when we pray standing on his word
-Lord it's me standing in the need of prayer
-give God back his word
-Lord all I have is your word!
Lord just speak one word
-keeping ur self in the love of God.
Prayer w/o ceasing: meaning constant relationship with God!
Lord send me, use me.
Prayer is seeking Gods mercy.
One hit or quiter
***Jude strengthen ur faith*** 
There r things u will see but Have Faith!
There r certain men who crept in unnoticed. Living contrary to the word.
God said His Word will stand.
God is the Great I am.
***Jesus is the only one that can save you!***
I thank God you are able! Now unto Him who is able!!!
Lord I know you are able
You r the prince of peace
He is the same God Beginning and the End.
Stay in daily devotional! 
Study your word!!! Help Bind the Breech!!!

January 16, 2011
Colossians Ch 2:19 "It's time for a change!"
EpHesians 3:20 extra

They do. Not hold tightly to Christ... The Head
They lost their connection
God wants the church to grow!
E dry believer thats in the house.
The church only grows when it is being nourished...
There r many people that are apart of the church bit they r not growing
You ought to be growing or maturing
 What prevents us from growing??
Make sure the way u start out u continue to do the same thing 
Preventions of growth
1. U stop growing
There is no growth w/o change
U can't keep doing the something Nx expect different results Flexibility-- u have to keep going...
This is the yeas that God is going to exceed my expectation...
Meeting some new people
Stop hanging out with people that ain't going nowhere
U ought to be reading 5 books about success!!!
God will work with what u do!
Careful how u spend your time
Be careful what u invest in
Invest in the plan God has given me!!!
Debt free? WhAts the plan
If u fail to plan u an to fail?
What r u spending your time on? 
How much time u spend on what God has given u...
U got to work on something...
U need people around u that know something
2. U stop caring 
U not doing what u doing with The right motive 
example: 2 Chronicles 25:1&2
Ur heart is in what u r doing
U can tell by what is produced
Don't do enough just to get by
U have to do above and beyond!
God has no respect of persons
Simple principles!
Anytime u give God your best he is not gone let u lack
He only ask for 10% 
If he asked for 90% it would still be justifiable
He kept u All year long and still in your right mind...
Every time u fell or tripped he picked u back up!!!
We expect from God but don't give nothing back...
How do u maintain your spiritual passion?
He is not just a first sunday God!
"Never forget your motive for serving"
U serve b/c Christ Died just for me!
U serve b/c he kept u while u sinned!
***2011 this ain't the year to come to church and act like u did nothing or u better than anyone else!***
thank you Lord I'm still here!
Ur motive to serve is the cross!!!

January 2, 2011


Job 1:6-22
My crisis will not affect my worship!

no one is exempt 
Does. Not mean God is punishing u...
Job was honest and innocent and found himself in a crisis
What do u do?
Just embrAce the crisis 
God is in control of the crisis
God will allow his people to suffer with no explanation.
He knew that u can handle the crisis
U been considered 
He honors u for a good reason
Job had a hedge of protection
Enemy u can touch his stuff but u can't touch him.

His body is not him... U can be sick and still in ur right mind and have peace...
There is a story behind my praise...

U thought u had a flash back when u remember what he did for u!
He touched everything...
The messenger was still speaking 
While u dealing with ur family issue God will allow
While he was yet speaking I can deal with one issue at a time
U don't know which one to deal with
Emotional roller coaster
Worship brings u back to reality
God is in control!!! Of the crisis
He lost everything he has...
He got up shaved his head bowed down then worshipped.
Job did no allow his crisis to mess up his worship.
U can't judge people because he knew they can handle it and u couldn't
When u die things r still going to come... Bills etc
Bless the lord anyway!!!

November 7,2010
1Corinthians 7: 7-9 learning to love the single life.
Single saved and successful
It is better to marry than to burn
2 Corinthians 6:14
Unequally yoked to un believer
No one should not be married if they don't understand separation and whole first
U don't have to be single and desperate and lonely 
U can be single and content
God said with contentment brings great gain.
maybe god allowed y'all to break up because he never would not have appreciated u.
People r in church because they have questions
Each person has his own gift
Some people got the gift of singleness
Devote time to true kingdom
A single Christian should never. Get to the point they don't have nothing to do
Even though I am by myself I still have a lot to do. 
There is a blessing in being single
Less demands on a single person
But if they cannot control themselves they need to go ahead and be married
When u burn for sexual desire u start sleeping around and u connect with someone it's a wrong connection
It ain't about. How u feel
The bible says it is written the two will become one body
Runaway for sexual sin
1 Cor 6:16
Spirit transfer into u that's y u don't know who u r cause u have so many spirits
2 Cor 6
Can't afford to be unequally yoked
We know some people are not good for us. 
But we still text them and if u keep playing with fire u will get burn...
Flee from fornication
Yoke with the right person
If u r single or single parent u r not just dating for u u r dating for the kid it is not about looks
When the devil comes u need to know how to pray
When u first meet some one do u love the lord? 
If he don't love god he n of go know how to love u
R u attracted to them because if u don't I will have infidelity issues.
Make sure from the beginning it's the type u like.
Will they make a good spouse and an immediate good parent
If they like u and not ur kids...
If they just show up when it get dark but y'all don't never do nothing during the day 
Shut the door now!!!
Single parents u cannot play both roles
They need a mother and father
The church has to become a seregate 
There needs to be a daddy
He still need a father
U can teach him to treat a woman right but not how to be a man
Instruct fathers command and mothers teach
Most single people feel like they r in a holding pattern
U cannot land because of the bad weather
3 things 
Complain that u ain't got nobody
Grab the first joker and end up with the wrong person
Grow and depend on God
In due season u will reap!!!

October 17,  2010
Judges 16:1-8,15-21
Recognize the danger of ur Delilah
Fell in love 
Warning don't fall in love with Delilah and she is dangerous
What the secret was?
The enemy know exactly what u like
U better face ur Delilah 
Nothing shapes and mold ur character like the people around u
Bad company corrupts good manners 
Should sense the danger
What makes u weak?
Mesmerized by her skirt...
How can u say u love me and don't confide in me?
If u and ur wife had pillow talk he would not talk. To Delilah!
She provided a place where he can rest...
Lay ur head in ur own wife lap.
Delilah will take ur weakness and use it against u!
No other women should know ur heart but ur wife!
Women spice up ur bedroom!
With ur saved self u need a whole draw that he can go to!
Verse 19 
His strength left him
God wil let you keep the position and fire you all at the same time
When she searched for the secret. He should have sensed something was wrong
U have to run fro m ur desire for ur Delilah!
U have a Delilah
U got to be careful where u rest when u get tired!
WHen u leave church they gone be waiting on u! 
Make ur marriage a priority...
Why did u get married in the first place?
The devil is a liar! 
Resist ur Delilah whatever it is!!!

October 5, 2010

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