Thursday, November 6, 2014

Be Knowledgeable and Aware!

We all can be very childish but the goal is to grow. Moving towards maturity and keeping in mind that there is a place and time for everything.

Boys/Girls to Women/Men and our tricks! Don't be sorry, be careful! Who said that?

The persons we choose to connect with are a reflection of ourselves. You want to know you? Look at who you talk to.

If you lay with someone you will gain more than a few "spending time together" characteristics. Mannerism and issues that the other person has not dealt with becomes your problems, internally and on a spiritual level. You become soul-like connected.

So if you are this confident Miss/Mr. Independent and you sleep with someone insecure with low self esteem or has an anger issue, what do you think will become a part of you?

This is for the grown and mature.

You find  yourself waking up and nit picking at little things and even nagging and you have never done that before. Watch it!
You become angry out of nowhere or disliking something about yourself that you always loved. Be careful!

You slowly find yourself acting out of character or attracting some interesting people towards you. What is done in the dark always comes to light. History shows us that time and time again.

If you attract a loser then what are you? A loser attractor? Umm...No. (People aim too high at times and they either fumble or rise to the occasion if given a chance, that is a big 'if'.) You saw the movie "Love Don't Cost A Thing"!

If you accept/allow someone to get close to you and they are not where they need or want to be then you are looking at a possible dead end or a longer than expected season of tough times. People that are unstable and/or unsure in life get upset with everyone around them.

Seriously. Think about it! For an example... When your parents are unsure who broke the lamp in the den, everyone in the house is in trouble, even those who weren't present at the time of the incident. No one wants to tell the truth and snitch/confess what happened and/or come up with a way to fix the problem. So everyone remain silent and suffer the consequence with the other siblings.

You understand, right? You feel me? You read between the lines?

Obviously if you are the only child then maybe you and your cousins were in trouble together. A little secret, it's usually the middle child or the youngest who did it. I'm just saying.
A Pastor said it best, "there are too many 40+ year olds acting like they are 13" when it comes to foundational love and building life.

Woman and Men know when someone is on our level. We know when they are below it and above it.

This skill comes with maturity and analyzing the other person. Someone has to either rise to the level of expectation, or walk away because you two are not compatible.

Catching yourself before you fall for simple people/basic persons (basic is the new negative or what not to be, currently) is tough for many.

As I mentioned in a previous blog "Not Mapping Out Life", we crave to be craved, so connecting is human nature. Dodging Bullets is what it comes down to. Not actual bullets but negative persons that are shallow and have nothing to offer at that particular time in their life.

Give up on people? No. Understand where they are in their life and refuse to participate in foolishness? Yes!

 Additions to keep in mind:
-If someone show you who they are believe them. Medea said it... Tyler Perry!
-You know when someone's motives do not support you in a healthy manner.
Tricks... I want people to comment on the crazy things people have said over the years...Relationships are something else.

The goal is to not be fooled! Cheers! What did you get out of this one?

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  1. "We crave to be craved". So reminded me of our conversation last night!