Tuesday, November 18, 2014

To Ignore or To Be Ignored!

"People, who ignore you, until it suits them to talk to you, are not worthy of your friendship or your time."

So I saw a meme on Facebook and both my friend and I decided this would be a great blog topic. 

Have you ever become so annoyed with being ignored that you feel helpless at getting the conclusion/solution you need?

I will tackle relationships then family, friends/peers, then God.

But first starting with worthiness or worthlessness between you and the individual you are reaching out to. Notice I said individual, this part has nothing to do with God (separate entity, separate paragraph). As for everyone else the disrespect must stop. Do we need to go back to the Golden rule? Treat others how you want to be treated. I have already checked myself. We all have times when someone is reaching out to us and we refuse to respond.
There are a few sides to this story, ignoring definitely shows a level of dislike and carelessness. Sometimes it’s on purpose and other times it is not.


This game we play, at the beginning I will say when you experience someone real and ready. The game you crave me and I crave you and we‘re going to make it work. Crave means love in my blog, thanks! But when you are playing the game… You call, I’ll call; you text, ill text; like my picture, like your picture and so on the tit for tat baby step level. The big one, you’re busy, I’m busy too. Just know this game ends poorly, no one wins. An Infatuation or possible puppy love or you know you’re too grown for that, stage.  

The reality of being ignored!

The individual has zero time for games, they only want to work on a business level (and you want more, they don’t or at the least, not at this point in their life), they felt betrayed or manipulated; they caught you in a lie. You name it there are a numerous of reasons you do not get responses or the ones you were looking for. Feel free to comment on a time any of this happened to you. The big one their priority does not include you and yes they were busy.

What you allow to happen to you happens rather sadly or gratefully.  

Still in relationships, there are some really brave people that run things and can walk in a room and turn it upside down. Then there are people that cannot maneuver as great and don’t really have the interest to do so. Then there are persons who know when to be a leader and know when to take the back seat and then there are people who haven’t got a clue.

It is ultimately up to you how you deal with a person when entering a relationship, the best and worst get played, heart broken, loved fully and truthfully, learn lessons, repeat mistakes. But ultimately communication is what’s important. So when you ignore someone it that copping out? You know taking the easy way out? Or if you get ignored how badly does it hurt? Persons want attention.
Don’t base anything on technology, “my phone was tripping” or “I did reply”. Unless you know the person…technology will mess everything up.

Up NEXT Family!

When you are ignored by your family, circumstance plays a huge part, you all may not get along or people do not have time for the dramatics. They no longer want to gossip and if that is all you have to offer you need to find a new job (remember this is if you get ignored by family). Somebody did something, they don’t trust you like they used to or they cannot afford to assist you in your life at that current time so you will be on the ignore list. The great part about family, you see each other at a reunion and it’s like old times or the older generation won’t have it with the younger generation and you have to fix any and all disconnect within the family. I love when persons say at the end of the day family is what you got, it doesn't necessarily have to deal with blood.

Friends and peers!

A little lighter and simpler, if you are just peers no ownership, no involvement, feel free to ignore (on a need to basis only), no one owes anyone anything. But if you are friends or even best friends, put on gloves and/or take off earrings (lol that is a joke for all the loyal friendships)! But seriously you should not ignore your friends. Simple! Your friendship if done healthy is based on a kindness that’s mutual and your mission if you should choose it is to be there. Whatever that may mean, not saying there won’t be fall outs of extended periods of time you may not speak to each other, but friendships are work and if they are worth it, you won’t ignore a buddy.   

So with that, if someone is ignoring you, let it go.

Here we go! Last but surely not least God!

Because I won’t do what God would say about you and His relationship justice, I pray that God shows you who He is in your life. I pray He comforts you during a time when you feel alone or lonely because in actuality you won’t ever be alone. I appreciate the saying, “the teacher is quiet while students are taking a test”, but I also understand that God is always speaking. So work with that for now.

People are people, we have our lives to protect, no worries right? We ignore each other, annoy and use, disturb and are rude to one another. Are we born with these or taught? Cheers!  

Feel free to comment below.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Be Knowledgeable and Aware!

We all can be very childish but the goal is to grow. Moving towards maturity and keeping in mind that there is a place and time for everything.

Boys/Girls to Women/Men and our tricks! Don't be sorry, be careful! Who said that?

The persons we choose to connect with are a reflection of ourselves. You want to know you? Look at who you talk to.

If you lay with someone you will gain more than a few "spending time together" characteristics. Mannerism and issues that the other person has not dealt with becomes your problems, internally and on a spiritual level. You become soul-like connected.

So if you are this confident Miss/Mr. Independent and you sleep with someone insecure with low self esteem or has an anger issue, what do you think will become a part of you?

This is for the grown and mature.

You find  yourself waking up and nit picking at little things and even nagging and you have never done that before. Watch it!
You become angry out of nowhere or disliking something about yourself that you always loved. Be careful!

You slowly find yourself acting out of character or attracting some interesting people towards you. What is done in the dark always comes to light. History shows us that time and time again.

If you attract a loser then what are you? A loser attractor? Umm...No. (People aim too high at times and they either fumble or rise to the occasion if given a chance, that is a big 'if'.) You saw the movie "Love Don't Cost A Thing"!

If you accept/allow someone to get close to you and they are not where they need or want to be then you are looking at a possible dead end or a longer than expected season of tough times. People that are unstable and/or unsure in life get upset with everyone around them.

Seriously. Think about it! For an example... When your parents are unsure who broke the lamp in the den, everyone in the house is in trouble, even those who weren't present at the time of the incident. No one wants to tell the truth and snitch/confess what happened and/or come up with a way to fix the problem. So everyone remain silent and suffer the consequence with the other siblings.

You understand, right? You feel me? You read between the lines?

Obviously if you are the only child then maybe you and your cousins were in trouble together. A little secret, it's usually the middle child or the youngest who did it. I'm just saying.
A Pastor said it best, "there are too many 40+ year olds acting like they are 13" when it comes to foundational love and building life.

Woman and Men know when someone is on our level. We know when they are below it and above it.

This skill comes with maturity and analyzing the other person. Someone has to either rise to the level of expectation, or walk away because you two are not compatible.

Catching yourself before you fall for simple people/basic persons (basic is the new negative or what not to be, currently) is tough for many.

As I mentioned in a previous blog "Not Mapping Out Life", we crave to be craved, so connecting is human nature. Dodging Bullets is what it comes down to. Not actual bullets but negative persons that are shallow and have nothing to offer at that particular time in their life.

Give up on people? No. Understand where they are in their life and refuse to participate in foolishness? Yes!

 Additions to keep in mind:
-If someone show you who they are believe them. Medea said it... Tyler Perry!
-You know when someone's motives do not support you in a healthy manner.
Tricks... I want people to comment on the crazy things people have said over the years...Relationships are something else.

The goal is to not be fooled! Cheers! What did you get out of this one?