Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lessons: Ouch!

So there are a plethora of topics that I want to discuss in this post but I am going to get through this one in particular.

Headache as I type. -____-

So I got into an altercation on this beautiful evening where it lead to me walking away twice.

Way out of Character for me because I am not one for drama. I like peace and joy and happiness. Rare but lately often dramatic people have been coming around me. Definitely taking me out of my comfort zone. You know the person that can not stay calm under pressure, the one that has a fight with someone then carry the anger around with them and lash out at everyone else, the one who is insecure, the one who don't know how to politely talk in a professional manner? Well that is not me but that definitely was an individual who blatantly disrespected me and called me out of my name, (It was racial, I won't share what he said!)

There is more to a story but the moral.

Lately God has been teaching me to operate in Love so I was thinking 'you know what, the persons words were so minute that they rolled off'. I was able to walk away from a situation that was heated. I don't have a temper or anything. I am a problem solver not maker.

All in all. I was thinking I passed the test on love but later it was brought to my attention that I failed the test of Pride.

Let that sit a bit. A lot of things could have happened. I didn't have to go back to the dude the second time. I did not have to say anything about the Facebook message.

I didn't know things would escalate the way they did but everything happens for a reason. Pride is tough to deal with.

This is a lesson many of us fail. :) Sadly! But

Keep living right it pays off now and it will continue in the end! Keep God 1st! Love You!I am determined to get it right. People take kindness for weakness which is detrimental on their part.  

Which is why some people handle certain people a certain way. God does not like UGLY, I have been told over my years.

We must choose our battles. The bible does say vengeance is the Lord. So we need to aim to live like it and stay out of trouble.

Words can and do hurt. But you don't have to accept everything you are called!

"It is not what you are called, it is what you answer to!" -someone intelligent.

SN: The trouble Jesus was in was not his own. He died for you and me and freed us at the cross.

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