Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Dead Lives & The "I AM" Speaks :)

So a lot has happened between August to November. I was not focused on writing because I was working and sleeping. A bit lazy, huh?

Well, during September the weather began to change and I was still figuring out the latter of the year which I stopped that and just focused on God. After being told that I was accepted into multiple projects which all got cancelled... smh My life took a turn then God became the center focus once again!

I heard a word!!!

I heard a word I would say around the beginning of October teaching about DEATH is a SEED! :)

Woah!!! Wait!!! TO die is to go through a cocoon stage???

Did you know a Caterpillar digests itself... Google it!!!

But back to the topic. The story I heard was about Lazarus... JOHN 11:11-44 PLEASE READ!!!

If you do not know who this man was then you are not living.

I am unsure if he was the first person to die and be brought back to life but HE DIED Completely. And came back to life because of Jesus our Savior.

I will post the notes in my notes section of this blog but you must hear me out!

The breath/air of life LEFT him. Talking about a second chance!!!

He and Jesus were friends!

Jesus was told that Lazarus had died and Jesus said a lot of things in this particular story in the bible but the very first thing he said is what matters the most!

The preacher mention a principle about "Firsts Words".

Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.”

Lazarus life gave God Glory. He was a living vessel for the body of Christ and God was able to use his life. Lazarus had an awesome reputation. He was well liked in the community. When you read that other people came to the house to mourn with Mary and Martha it shows that Lazarus had respect from friends and residents in their area. Great Guy!

Also, I found out that Mary was the same woman who cried tears on Jesus feet and wipe them with her hair. Seriously!!! Listen to Ce Ce Winans song called: ALABASTER BOX
Then read LUKE 7:36-50

Who are you? Who am I?

In a different sermon!!!

I heard something so profound!
At the burning bush with Moses, God said, "I AM, That I AM."
Why? because God knows who he is, we are the ARE NOT'S!!! We don't know who we are. God is the only "I AM"! WOW!!!
Read Exodus 3:13 when Moses is learning who God is and what his task was going to be, which we know of, getting the Israelite's free up out of Egypt! Read all of Exodus 3.

I have heard a lot of powerful preaching this Fall!!! There is more to come! I will continue to write and share.

I pray you have a church home and that God uses you mightily and that you will become a part of God's body that will be effective here on earth!

Jesus is LORD! God Is Good all the time! Become a worshiper!!!  Praise Saves!!! Find your quiet place and focus on the Kingdom of God read your Bible and get to know our Savior more and more. You must be a part of this movement. It is not too late! Love you and God Bless!!!

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